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Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendar!

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    Please mark your calendar with these upcoming history-related events


    * September 1-30: The Will of the People -  Complimentary access to online resources including video for this virtual field trip on the election of 1800 from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. For more information visit  http://giftnation.history.org/

    *Fall/Spring: Michigan and National History Days - Michigan History Day is a fascinating opportunity for students to move social science beyond rote learning. It is an educational competition (similar in organization to a science fair) designed to encourage students in grades 4-12 to explore subjects in state, national, or world history.

    The Michigan Historical Society has announced that several NEW resources for Michigan History Day 2013 (National History Day in Michigan) are now available on its website . Just select the “Teacher and Student Resources” section on the left side of this page. Among the new materials for 2013 are separate Teacher and Student Handbooks.  Inside these booklets, you’ll find a program timeline and a how-to-guide for integrating Michigan History Day into your classroom. 

    November 2-3: Michigan Council for the Social Studies Joint Conference - Macomb Community College, Warren, MI. Click here for more information and to register. With Core Curriculum Standards on our radar, social studies teachers can benefit from working conveniently with representatives and presenters from all of our state social studies organizations.  Several comments from last year's Joint Conference acknowledged the benefit of seeing all groups at one meeting.

    November 28-30: Smithsonian Workshop - 8am - 3pm, MAISD. This seminar will highlight three key figures in a critical period in American history. The workshop will feature a combination of Smithsonian historians, curators, and educators, plus university professors and performers. Workshop educators will model lessons, teaching strategies and activities at the elementary, middle, and high school levels that relate directly to the themes in the content expectations, including information for creating classroom strategies and activities around primary sources.

    Feb. 28, 2013 - March 2, 2013: NCHE History Colloquium - 8am - 3:30pm, OAISD. This three-day National Council for History Education Colloquium is led by a team of university-affiliated academic historians and pedagogy experts. NCHE team members will facilitate acquisition of improved content knowledge while providing effective, research-based teaching strategies, exercises, and classroom lesson plans that integrate advanced knowledge into age-appropriate teaching strategies. The Colloquium will include primary source material and multi-media presentations that increase student knowledge and encourage inquiry-based learning.

    * Not a TAH-sponsored event, but may be of interest.
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