TAH Summer Institute Project 

    Project types:

    Exhibit/Panel  (3 panel, stand-alone presentation)

    Video Documentary:  (7-10 minutes)

    Website:  (Must have hyperlinks with the idea that information may be accessed in a non-linear fashion)

    GIS Statistical Representation:  (Multiple forms of data must be presented, e.g. population, ethnicity, country of origin, political parties, religion, social economic status, occupation or any other factors that may represent the people, economy, politics, society, culture of a given area or areas of the United States.  A cross-spatial, cross-temporal approach is encouraged that uses data over time and incorporates the new 2010 Census figures, plus data from other sources and other Census).  GIS should be incorporated, in some way, into any project choice.


    • Group size should be no larger than 3 people, but smaller groups or single person projects are acceptable.
    • You must include an annotated bibliography, with correct citation of sources.  http://www.press.uchicago.edu/books/turabian/turabian_citationguide.html
    • Project must show correlation to the theme of the Institute:  (Working Title:  “What does it mean to be an American?”
    • Signature for project approval from Profs O’Neill or Cooley required by Thursday, August 4th.  Project sheet turned in by Friday, August 5th, with a one to three sentence explanation of your title/project.
    • Copyright laws must be obeyed.  Disney™ does sue and has the resources to pursue you!  Cite your sources and obey the copyright infringement laws. When in doubt, ask.
    • Working bibliography due by Monday afternoon, August 8th.  Annotation not necessary.
    • Tuesday, August 9th:  Story board, rough sketch or web or cluster diagram.
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    Make sure to copy this document and save it under a different name than the original
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    What is an American- Project (Dixon, Ryder, and Skov)
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    Diane, Elizabeth, Marguerite American Identity
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