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2011 History Colloquium

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    Thanks for joining us and contributing to our learning community. Please follow the links below to access information from the 2011 History Colloquium.

    Opening presentation - Jim Cameron

    Dale Steiner's presentations

    Colloquium Photos!

    Becoming and Being an American:

    Leadership and Values in the Development of National Identity

    Presented by

    The National Council for History Education

    Ottawa Area ISD, Holland, MI w February 24-26, 2011

    Click here for a tentative agenda                        **Pre-reading**

    Colloquium Leadership Team                                                

    Dale Steiner, CSU-Chico (CA)                                                               

    Jim Cameron, Michigan Council for History Education                             

    JoAnn Fox, Retired Educator (IN)

    Joan Musbach, Webster University (MO)


    Colloquium Goals

    wExplore the work of historians.

    wExpand knowledge of at least one historical episode.

    wDemonstrate effective ways of presenting historical knowledge.

    wEnhance skills in identifying, analyzing and evaluating

    print and non-print resources.

    wDevelop History’s Habits of the Mind and demonstrate

    how to use History’s Vital Themes and Narratives as

    principles for selection of content.

    wInvolve participants in sharing ideas and information that they can

    apply in their classrooms to improve the teaching of American history.

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    MIJEC 2011
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